Berlin-based Ukai Ndame was born in Angola and raised in South Africa. The name Ukai Ndame comes from Umbundu, a native Angolan language, which means “Lady like me”.

Her southern African heritage is an important part of her identity, therefore her focus on Afro Electronic Sounds such as Afro House, Afro Tech, Gqom and Kuduro are an obvious choice within her DJing career. Her passion for the art of music began at a very young age, deeply influenced by her environment.

Ukai calls herself an artist, because besides being a Djane she doesn’t let anything stop her from being creative, pushing her boundaries and doing what she wants. Fashion is her other passion, which she combines with her music, by djing live at her self organised Pop-Up Store events. She likes being her authentic self and does so unapologetically. 

When Ukai started her DJing career, the Afrotech sound was not so common in Germany. In 2012 the event series “The Afrohouse Experience” by Freak de l’Afrique was the steppingstone that finally gave her a platform to play. Ever since, she has used every chance and possibility to perform.

In 2018 Ukai broadened her area of expertise by becoming a producer. In 2021, she released her first single “Keine Zeit”, which means “No Time” and is available on all streaming platforms. This has been an exciting milestone in Ukai’s career. The single reflects the way she is in her life. The circumstances and effects of the Co-Vid 19 pandemic led her to realize that life is too short to wait for the perfect time, because every moment is the perfect time to show the world your talent. 

Today, Ukai has played in various parts of Europe, as well as many African countries such, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Senegal and finally in her home base, Angola.