• September 22, 2016

Who Is Dj Cambel Nomi???

DJ Cambel Nomi quickly established herself as one of the most popular and versatile DJs of the Berlin club scene. With her music style ranging from House and Electro to RnB and Hip Hop, Cambel Nomi played already in some of the best venues and clubs of Berlin such as Cookies, Spindler & Klatt, The Grand, Asphalt, Yaam and Soho House.

Her popularity spread quickly outside the boundarys of Berlin and today she also plays regularly in Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart and NRW as well as big music festivals such as the annual Big Up Festival by Funkhaus Europa.

Due to her constant drive to give each guest a night to remember she not only masterded her skills on the turntables but also manages to verbaly entertain the crowd with charme and humor on the microphone. A skill only possesed by few female DJs.

Her DJ sets are known to not only please the ears but also the eyes. With her extraordinary fashion outfits Cambel Nomi proved that bringing some glamour into the DJ booth gives a night that special atmosphere expected by the guests.

Cambel Nomi is very easy to work with and she will always put a lot of work in being prepared for the expected music & crowd to make sure that everyone has their special night.

If you want more information about what Cambel Nomi is up too follow her on facebook  and instagram

and if you still cant get enough you can listen to her mixes on soundcloud!!!




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