• February 23, 2016

My experience in Nautilus Bar!!

"21 Sunday 2016"

This is my first time visiting “Nautilus Bar“ located in Angola/Luanda in an island called "Musulo". My first impression about the bar was at first very positive the manager was very kind and and full of passion for his guests. The place is actually very nice,the food was ok. The only thing I noticed about the place was the audience,there was only white people,ok maybe two blacks but still I didn't understand why?

Anyway One thing that really pissed me of was that I was sitting on one of the beach chair and a guy(worker) come up to me and asked if I could move because there where other people who wanted to sit there . He told me for me to be able to make use of the chairs I had to pay 2000Akz, although I said that I would pay the amount he asked,he still insisted that I leave the place. I didn't understand why he did that. I asked myself is he doing this because they are white or what?? I seriously didn't understand the situation. But I just moved and went back to the restaurant I was very angry about this situation . I know if you are reading this you are probably asking yourself why I moved?I didn't feel like having a long discussion about it, that is why I moved. Sometimes its better to ignore such situation. I hope that during my stay in Angola I will have more positive experiences in bars and restaurants.


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Sobre o restaurante no mussulo que tem como nome “Nautilus bar”.

Foi a primeira vez a visitar o nautillus bar que esta localizado em luanda.

A primeira impressao sobre o bar  foi positiva,o gerente era muito atencioso com os  clientes. E um espaco bonito para passar um fim de semana com a familia e nao so,mas tambem pude perceber algo que me deixou intrigada, foi o publico nada contra o racismo,mas como se trata de africa(angola) esperava um publico misto.mas enfim…….

Outra coisa que tirou-me do serio foi algo que aconteceu e deixou-me nervosa…depois do almoco  fui me sentar numa das cadeiras que havia frente ao restaurante,e nao sabia que pagava-se ai veio um dos trabalhadores disse-me que tinha  de sair da cadeira  porque tinha  um casal    que queria oucupar  a cadeira,eu perguntei-lhe porque que tinha que sair,ele disse-me que os lugares  tinham que ser pagos .ai eu respondi-lhe que pagaria. e mesmo assim  ele continuou dizendo que  tinha que sair do lugar.e como nao gosto de confusao sai  e voltei para o restaurante.sei que muitos devem  estar a  pertguntar-se o porque que me levantei,  mas acho que para evitar conflitos e melhor ignorar certas coisas. achei  uma situacao muito  absurda por isso dexei .espero nao me deparar em outros restaurantes com situacaes iguais a estas ….



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