• July 15, 2016

Meeting with one of my favorite Top Model. I had the opportunity of getting to know the one and only Maria Borges.

Some of you know her as the first black model to work for Victoria Secret with her natural hair, some recognize her because she is one of the main models for the H&M BALMAIN collection 2016. I met her in person, she is a good friend. I know her as a beautiful young girl who is down to each and never forgot where she came from. Her roots are very important to her.

Ballmain Foto

What an amazing convenience to meet such a beautiful soul.

I got to have a conversation with one of the biggest stars of the fashion industry, Maria Borges. She is an international Model, from Angola, that amongst other things, walks the Victoria Secret runway and also does various campaigns for different designers. She was most recently the face of H&M. I had a conversation with her, not through text or telephone, it was a one on one. Face to face.Absoulutely amazing. From what I could capture , she is a very charismatic person. I’m still affected by the sweetness of this beautiful woman.So this is how it went down. ……

What I found so heart warming is that we share the same intention to uplift our continent, which I apreciate seeing in people who made it BIG. It makes me happy to see that she didn’t forget her roots and took the time to actually attend this event. Because as we all know many get blinded by the flashlights of fame and success and forget that they where made and molded in this mama Africa. So props to her for showing appreciation for her Mother land/Continent.

Another incident happened on the same day and at the same time that really touched my heart.This young girl called “Margarita Fernandes” was sitting in the audience and was noticeably nervous,so Maria Borges’s reps called her up and asked her what the matter was.She said that she had come from far to see her Idol. She was overwhelmed and one could read the relief and excitement all over her face. This incident was mind-blowing in the sense, that one could not only see,but also feel the passin of the girl. That was a very emotional moment. Her determination was to see and meet her idol her dream came true in that moment. I am sure that the road to get there wasn’t easy. She probably had to take in alot of criticism, but that did not stop her from fighting for her dream and making it come true.

She inspired me with her boldness and fearless spirit, which is what I love to see in women. And mind you, she is still a girl, but yet so brave. I am impressed.She totally embodied one of my favourite quotes by the Russian-American author Ayn Rand, that I personally live by and it goes like this, “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me”. Now that’s what I call tough.You go girl………



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