• January 31, 2017

“Hidden Figures”when they see a black woman all they think about is “ohhh how is she in bed” or “ohh can she dance , sing” and the list goes on and on but never categorises us as a business or intelligent women.

Aish today I just watched one of the best films after watching many boring ones. I grew up with the thought that being a black girl is being in a fight, but I don’t regret one second having the colour skin that I have.

In my crazy lifetime after finishing my A levels, I traveled many different cities of Germany to see which one I wanted to stay and study in..that is when I met a guy (white German) in Munich,who was actually very kind and became a friend, but I will never forget what he was once told me when I asked .. “hey I don’t know what I want to study what do you think??” And he asked me “can you image working in a office?” I told him “yeah maybe..” and he said “hmmm”. I asked “why hmmm??” And he replied “you know katia it’s going to be hard for you to get a good job after your study because you look very exotic” and I was like “and what does this have to do with my studies?” and he was like.. “come on look around how many beautiful black woman are CEO in Germany ??” And I answered “I don’t understand what does this have to do with me or with my skin colour or my studies??” He was like “come on don’t act as if you don’t understand..”. The problem is that I really didn’t understand at that right moment. I even asked myself “aish nowadays as a black woman to get recognised you have to be ugly, look finished so that the white man can take you serious, otherwise you are just a sex object for them hmmm” I wondered. But as days,years passed I understood what he was trying to say.. I mean he is not a racist or something, that is not what I am saying, its only that his way of thinking is like how many people in this world think.. that when they see a black woman all they think about is “ohhh how is she in bed” or “ohh can she dance , sing” and the list goes on and on but never categorises us as a business woman or intelligent .So this year after watching this film “The Hidden Figures” I even Understood more.. Black women are not just a sex symbol, mostly we are intelligent, brave strong and and most off all we are fighters.

Now when I sit down and think about this movie it really touches me a lot because those women Dorothy Johnson Vaughan, Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson, Mary Winston Jackson  are not so known although they had achieved something that made history and nobody can lie to me now they are less spoken about because they are black and that is a fact.. it hurts me that I didn’t even now about them until I watched this film.. we know about every single thing that a white man did but about black skin geniuses we have to use micro glasses to find them anywhere, we have to wait for films like this or do self research … Sad but true. So to everyone out there black, white,pink, orange,  what ever colour you are if you haven’t watch this film pls do. And one thing: it will never come in a German cinema the reseason for that you can think for yourself, so I encourage you to watch online. It’s the best solution because if you wait for the film to come to the cinema, then you will wait until you get white hair and remain with one tooth because it will never come😂😂😂. Enjoy the film …


Dorothy Vaughan

Dorothy Johnson Vaughan Biography Mathematician (1910–2008).

Dorothy Johnson Vaughan worked as a NASA mathematician on the SCOUT Launch Vehicle Program that launched America’s first satellites into space. read more.



Katherine G. Johnson Biography Mathematician (1918–):

One of NASA’s human ‘computers,’ Katherine G. Johnson performed the complex calculations that enabled humans to successfully achieve space flight. read  more

mary Winston

Mary Winston-Jackson Biography,Scientist, Mathematician (1921–2005).

Mathematician Mary Winston-Jackson is one of a small group of African American women who worked as aeronautical engineers, called “human computers,” at NASA during the Space Age. read more



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