• September 22, 2016

Editors Yana de Almeida

I'm Yana de Almeida and I live in Germany in the vivid city of Berlin,where EVERYBODY is at home,literally.I was born in Angola in the beautifull city of Huambo.Angola is a country in the southern west of Africa.The first language is portuguese.We have beautifull landscapes and breath taking beauties…(Google us for more „wink“-Emoticon ).Back to me.My passion for beauty was revealed at a young age.As a young girl I used to enjoy trying out new body and face creams,hair masks and loved and still do,smelling goooooood. I have been into skin and hair care ever since my youth.Its my passion,….I'm very much into keeping skin and hair naturally gorgeous and healthy,I believe.good skin serves as an important Basis for perfect make up.There is no such thing as "Bad" hair in my eyes.Different hair Textures just require different regimes,just like different plants need to be taken care of differntly in order to bloom individually and beautifull,right?!….And make up in my opinion is a tool to accentuate our natural beauty and to highlight our unique and individual features….I'd love to share my passion and knowledge with you guys…

Let's get our pretty on!! smiley



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