• January 16, 2017

FASHION WEEK 2017 Finally Berlin got a stylish African themed Fashion Week Party. Don’t worry it has nothing to do with “Bongo-Bongo parties” the way people think.

January is a sad, grey and ugly month especially in Berlin, believe me I know what I am talking about. Thank God Fashion Week takes place exactly in this month. It helps the Berliners and its visitors to taste a little bit of fun and happiness. I love fashion and I am not going to lie about it, but I also love music. Jesus Christ hold me when I hear a beat that really touches my soul. So I just found out, noooo actually a gossip bird told me that “Mista Wallizz”, our number one event manager when it comes to electronic music from Africa, and I am not talking about that Wamba Wamba/Bongo-Bongo that everyone thinks when hearing the name “African music”, I am talking about the MODERN Africa music like “Afro-house” or “Afro-beats” that really touches your soul when you hear it, will be organising something special. Yes a big thanks to Mista Wallizz for making it possible and in fact he is still trying to make it possible not only for the Berliners but I believe for the rest of Germany.

mister walliz                                                                                       Mista Wallizz & Boddhi Satva

So this year if you really want to be different and see different types of parties, not only these kind of parties where people think they have to behave, otherwise they don’t fit in, I have a tip for you: Mista Wallizz with his label “Freak de l’Afrique” and “Blackstereo”, a record label all the way from Amsterdam, are organizing for the first time in Berlin the Party that will not only make your January happy, colourful and beautiful, it will give you a reason and hope to believe that 2017 will be your year. And to kill you softly they are bringing one of the best Afro house DJs of the world “Boddhi Satva” and many more to Berlin. And not to forget Mista Walliz of course will be playing for you too and before I forget the QUEEN of Afrobeats, Afrohouse, HIP-HOP even Schlager you name it. It’s not in vain that there is this saying all black everything. “DJ Cambel Nomi“, I can’t find words for her, she is too much. She can make you do wonders on the dance floor, I am telling you, and for those who know her you know what I am talking about.

So I will stop writing now otherwise tears will start falling because of the happiness and joy that I have about this upcoming party. And hey, if you don’t believe me and think what I wrote above is all bullshit and that I am just exaggerating, come and see for yourself and if I am right I demand 5$ as donation for my next outfit for the next “Blackstereo” party.

P.S don’t worry, we are now in the 21stcentury, the audience is white, black, Asian etc… Its Fashion week new clothes are going to be presented, as well as this new party called „Blackstereo”.

Blackstereo Afro Floor Link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1246917788724355/

P.s don’t worry we are now in the 21stcentury, the audience is white, black, Asian etc… Its Fashion week new clothes are going to be presented as well as this new party called „Blackstereo”.





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