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  • January 31, 2017

“Hidden Figures”when they see a black woman all they think about is “ohhh how is she in bed” or “ohh can she dance , sing” and the list goes on and on but never categorises us as a business or intelligent women.

Aish today I just watched one of the best films after watching many boring ones. I grew up with the thought that being a black girl is being in a fight, but I don’t regret one second having the colour skin that I have. In my crazy lifetime after finishing my A levels, I traveled…

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  • January 16, 2017

FASHION WEEK 2017 Finally Berlin got a stylish African themed Fashion Week Party. Don’t worry it has nothing to do with “Bongo-Bongo parties” the way people think.

January is a sad, grey and ugly month especially in Berlin, believe me I know what I am talking about. Thank God Fashion Week takes place exactly in this month. It helps the Berliners and its visitors to taste a little bit of fun and happiness. I love fashion and I am not going to…

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