• June 24, 2016

Angola Fashion week day 1.Defining Beauty On My Own Terms!!!

Yesterday was the official opening of the Angolan Fashion Week. It was well organised and very professional.One would think that because Angola is considered a third world country, that such an event would need more time to get on the same level as those of Europe or America. I can assure you, that that is not the case here. In my opinion the "Angola Fashion Week" has already reached that level and can be compared to other international Fashion shows.

Here are some of my favorite collections of "Angola Fashion week" DAY ONE:

pic5/>Designer "Gio Rodrigues" from portugal is amazing I am in love with his collection of 2016.

My second Favorite collection was from "Angola Fashion school".

Last but not least the collection that grabed everyones attention from designer "Didi".img_2355

These two beautiful ladies, Cris Kelly and Ariana Marques wore very sexy and elegant clothes. I love to see women who know how to dress.


Angola is known to have one of the most beautiful and confident women in the world.There was this one particular woman who caught my eye. The minute she entered the location, her presence filled the room..She is confident in her own skin and has an individual style. The baby blue leggings that she´s wearing are a perfect combination to her handbag. For me she is a perfect example of "it is not about what,but how you wear it". I believe that confidence is half the price of a good outfit.




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