About Me

My name is Ukai_ndame".I was born and raised in Angola in the beautiful city of Huambo.Huambo is a relatively big city in the middle west of Angola. It has beautiful landscapes and the weather is pretty tropical. Ukai_ndame is the translation of the phrase "Ladylykme" into the lokal language of Huambo,oumbundo. It is one of the many native languages spoken in Angola.I chose this name because it reflects my roots and is a symbol of where I come from.

At a young age I emigrated to Germany. That change of continent and culture spiced up my life and makes it diverse.This is where my passion for fashion actually manifested itself. In Germany I started to model as a hobby. I enjoyed the trips and the lively atmosphere that the fashion shows had. But what I was really into, where the different outfits and styles that aloud me to express myself in different ways.

As a women I have different shades to my personality. Although my strongest characteristic is outgoing,bold and fearless,I also have other qualities that underline my femininity. Like being a Lady for example is a quality given to me in my upbringing by my mom. She always taught us to be polite respectful and grateful in general,but especially when dealing with other people in life, because you never know when and where you will meet that person again in your lifetime.Thats exactly how I came up with my label "LADYLYKME ". It's a reflection of who I am and what I stand for. It stands for both inner and outer beauty,courage to dare and make a bold decision, class and for a modern lifestyle, using fashion as a source of expression.I am interested in all types of cultures and enjoy being out in the world and to see and learn new things. It allows me to grow and be better than I was yesterday.

This fashion blog is all about putting styles together, that people tend to separate. It's about being your own boss really. Making your own rules and challenging yourself to be your best version every single day. It's for every woman, that likes to express herself through fashion.For the fearless and the conquerer. For those who don't know how to, they get inspired to do so. I want to encourage women to believe in themselves. To acknowledge their ability to make a change for themselves and to own their beauty. Independently of their origin and size. It's about unity and breaking down boundaries. It's all about having fun with fashion and to just enjoy the blessing of being a women.

At the end of the day I believe that we are all stars and we should shine in our own individual way.